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Affiliate Type: Pay-per-impression

Minimum Payout: $5.00

CPM: $0.20 to $4.00

Payment: Paypal, AlertPay or WebMoney

Payment Cycle: Twice monthly (usually on the 16th and 30th days of the month, depending on what month)

*See Paid-to-Promote payment proofs.


What is Paid-to-Promote?

Paid-to-Promote. net is an earning online gig which allows you to convert your traffic into cash. Basically, Paid-to-Promote accepts advertisements from clients and you, as a blogger help them run their ads through banners or pop-ups.

How Do I Apply for Paid-to-Promote?

PTP-formEasy. All you have to do is fill out a form like the one above here and you’re good to go.

How Do I Earn from Paid-to-Promote?

You help them display ads on your blog. By using their advertisement codes, which you can find on your dashboard. You can either choose from:

  • Pop-ups

You can choose the maximum number of pop-up windows that will be generated when people come by your blog.

  • Promotions

You can use promotion links.

  • Display Banners

You can display banners (see samples below) on your blog.


You can use 1 banner code like this one plus 1 pop-under ad units per page. You can choose from 5 different-sized banner codes.

Get Paid To Promote, Get Paid To Popup, Get Paid Display Banner

Am I Eligible for the Paid-to-Promote Program?

Yes you can as long as you:

  • have a website or blog where you can put your codes
  • have a Paypal or WebMoney account
  • have traffic from the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Sweden, Viet Nam, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece.


Is there an Paid-to-Promote Affiliate Program?


Yes. You can use your referral code for this. If someone applied on the program using your referral link, then you have a chance to earn more. If your referral earns, you get 10% from his or her total earnings. You can check your referral commissions through the Referral Stats button on your dashboard.

My sample referral stats snapshot is here on the left.



Is Paid-to-Promote Legit or Scam?

I have been with the Paid-to-Promote program since 2010, but I have only attained the $10 mark since March this year. You can check the picture on the left to track my earnings.

Furthermore, I have compiled the Paypal payment proofs from Paid-to-Promote here in the Paid-to-Promote Payment Proof Gallery so I can really convince you that Paid-to-Promote is a legitimate source of passive income.




Paid-to-Promote Pros & Cons


easy applicationbanner ads may redirect your site to advertisers site
easy code installationthe number of pop ups can't be controlled
pays on time without delay
big commission on direct referrals

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